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Rent Studio Warehouse Los Angeles

Flex Space Building: Versatile Setting for Your Production Needs

Discover the endless possibilities of our Flex Space Building, designed to adapt to a variety of filming requirements.

Key Features:

Spacious Double Garage with high ceilings, providing ample room for creativity.

1200 sqft garage with durable concrete floors and Double Barn doors that swing open, facilitating easy access and setup.

Limited 15 amp House Power ensures basic electrical needs are met during your production.

Crisp white walls offer a neutral backdrop, allowing for versatile set design and customization.

Ideal space for Photo Shoots, Set Build, Green Screen, Background Holding, and Catering, catering to a wide range of production needs.

Vintage neon signage and aged corrugated panels on the exterior add character and charm to your scenes.

Unlock the potential of our Flex Space Building and bring your creative vision to life in a setting that offers both versatility and character.

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