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Modern Gas Station for Film Los Angeles

Modern Gas Station: A Snapshot of Anytime, Anywhere USA

Experience the quintessential charm of a Modern Gas Station set against the backdrop of Anytime, Anywhere USA.

Key Features:

Awning with Metal Halide Canopy Lighting: Illuminating the scene with a warm glow, our gas station's awning provides both shelter and ambiance.

Islands and Removable Gas Pumps: Featuring two islands and four sleek gas pumps, our station offers convenience and functionality for your production needs.

Neon CAFE Sign and Illuminated Glow Box Signage: Transport your viewers to a nostalgic era with our vibrant neon signage, including the iconic CAFE sign and illuminated glow box displays.

Tire Rack: Add authenticity to your scene with our meticulously crafted tire rack, enhancing the visual appeal of your production.

Phone Booth: Capture the essence of yesteryears with our classic phone booth, reminiscent of a simpler time.

News Vending Machines: Complete the ambiance with our authentic news vending machines, perfect for adding detail and depth to your setting.

Immerse your audience in the ambiance of a Modern Gas Station scene that could be located anywhere in the heart of America.

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