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Mini Mart

Minimart Movie Set: Where Convenience Meets Cinematic Charm

Step onto the set of our Minimart and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of a bustling convenience store scene.

Key Features:

Partially Set-Dressed Interior: Our Minimart set features a meticulously arranged interior, blending authenticity with practicality. With cleared store products strategically placed throughout, the scene comes alive with realism.

Furnishings: From the welcoming counter to the neatly stocked shelving, every element of our Minimart set is designed to evoke the essence of a typical convenience store. Complete with essential fixtures such as a cash register, beverage cooler, soda dispenser, and coffee bar, our set offers a comprehensive backdrop for your scenes.

Fluorescent Overhead Lighting: Bathe your set in the crisp, bright glow of fluorescent overhead lighting, ensuring every detail is illuminated with clarity and vibrancy.

15 Amp House Power: Stay powered up and ready to roll with our reliable 15 amp house power supply, ensuring uninterrupted filming throughout your production.

Step onto our Minimart set and bring your cinematic vision to life with unparalleled authenticity and charm.

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