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Gilmore Gas Station Los Angeles

Gilmore Gas Station Movie Set: Timeless Charm of the 1930s

Embark on a cinematic journey to the golden age of motoring with our meticulously crafted Gilmore Gas Station set.

Key Features:

Vintage 1930’s Gilmore Gas Service Station: Immerse yourself in the authentic ambiance of a bygone era, complete with period-specific architecture and detailing.

Working Neon Lights: Watch as the neon lights flicker to life, casting a warm glow over the scene and adding a touch of nostalgia.

Cozy 10′ x 10′ Office with Attached Awning: Step into the station's office, a quaint retreat adorned with an attached awning, offering a picturesque spot to oversee operations.

Authentic Furnishings: From the vintage office desk to the meticulously replicated automotive equipment, every detail is designed to transport you back in time.

Three Wayne 60 Gas Pumps (circa 1935): Admire the craftsmanship of these iconic gas pumps, evoking memories of a simpler time when service stations were community hubs.

15 amp House Power: Ensure seamless filming with reliable power supply, allowing you to capture every moment with precision.

Experience the allure of vintage Americana and bring your scenes to life with our Gilmore Gas Station set.

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