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Welcome to Middleton Movie Ranch

Your Premier
Destination for

Nestled in The Zone, our expansive grounds offer a diverse selection of sets and locations tailored to meet the needs of every production. Renowned as "The Hidden Gem" among industry insiders

Past Productions



El Camino Christmas

LA Rush

Private Party

Secrets in the Desert

The Crib

Sunset Glory - Doolittle's Heroes

Web Cam Girls (Lost Girls)

TV Shows.jpg

TV Shows

Lethal Weapon

NCIS: Los Angeles

Grace and Frankie

Jay Leno's Garage

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.









Progressive Insurance


Kelly Blue Book

Music Video.jpg

Music Videos

Rihanna "BBHMM"

Christina Aguilera "Your Body"

Chris Brown "Psychic"

Ed Sheeran "Overpass Graffiti"

Pink Sweat$ "At My Worst" 

24kGoldn Travis Barker "In My Head"

TNX "Love or Die"

Looking for the perfect filming location? Middleton Ranch brings stories to life with captivating visuals. Explore our sets virtually to find your ideal setting for your next project, whether it's a film, TV show, commercial, print, social content, or any other type of production!

Explore our Sets

Middleton Ranch INTERNET-105.jpg

A sprawling modern Gas Station complete with a distinctive awning and customizable gas pumps.

Modern Gas Station


A Vintage 1930s Gilmore Gas Service Station, resplendent with timeless neon lighting.

Gilmore Gas Station

Middleton Ranch INTERNET-51.jpg

A fully-equipped Mechanics Garage, adding an industrial flair to your scenes.


Scenic Dirt Roads, providing an authentic backdrop for outdoor sequences.

Vista Point

A classic Roadside Diner adorned with captivating neon signage, perfect for capturing nostalgic Americana.

Roadside Diner

Middleton Ranch INTERNET-61.jpg

 A picturesque 1960s Ranch House featuring a luxurious in-ground pool and inviting diving board.

Ranch House


Rustic Wood and Stone Cabins, each offering a unique backdrop for storytelling.

Rustic Barn

RV Yard.jpg

Two expansive Flat Pads, surrounded by majestic mountains and offering unparalleled views.

Trailer Yard

A charming Mini Mart exuding authentic small-town vibes.

Mini Mart

Middleton Ranch INTERNET-53.jpg

Rustic Wood and Stone Cabins, each offering a unique backdrop for storytelling.

Stone House

Middleton Ranch INTERNET-84.jpg

A Vintage Auto Parts Junk Yard brimming with character and history.


Let us be the canvas for your next masterpiece – whether it's a film production, a captivating photo shoot, or an unforgettable private event. Welcome to Middleton Movie Ranch, where imagination knows no bounds.

Why Middleton Ranch?

Within 30-mile Radius of Los Angeles

Middleton Ranch's location within a 30-mile radius of Los Angeles is a prime benefit for the film industry, providing easy access to a global entertainment hub, and saving on crew travel costs for producers.


Secluded Privacy

.Middleton Ranch, nestled in secluded hills, offers an exclusive filming location for actors, musicians, models, and all industry people who desire utmost privacy.


On Site Production Managers

With experienced on-site production managers, Middleton Ranch offers invaluable support, enhancing efficiency and ensuring seamless execution for any production.


Flexible Accomodations

Middleton Ranch warmly accommodates all productions, whether in need of parking for 100 cars or space for 200 people on set.


One Location, Unlimited Sets

Middleton Ranch sprawls over 100 acres, boasting numerous diverse filming locations such as a diner, gas stations, garage, open spaces, junkyard, vintage cars, houses, and beyond.


Historic Charm

Middleton Ranch boasts rich film industry history, featuring historic production sets that add authenticity and character to productions.

Film Locations Los Angeles - Middleton Ranch

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